Lifestyles are shifting very fast around the world. Growing & changing technologies, standards, civilization and wealth are influencing our life and it affects the spaces we live in. We plan surroundings that harmonize the ever-changing customs the world adapts more or less. Each design is planned with a suitable understanding of the occupant’s background and lifestyle. We are involved in designing various components which are as follows:


Room dividers or partitions are necessary for the decoration of the small apartment and large houses. They simply improve the interior design with contemporary ideas and gorgeous decorating elements, like storage space, furniture, bookcases, shelving units, decorative screens plastic and fabric curtains, big aquariums and partition walls. We offer you more private, cosy spaces in your home with the right room divider that can make all the difference.

Normally, we place partitions as dividers in large rooms; in addition, the practical role of the divider is to introduce additional content and dynamics in the huge space. With this barricade, it does not obstruct the flow of light and air and will serve as an evident spot for your interior design components. Partitions don`t need to be full height to serve as attractive and practical dividers.


Most of the people do not realize the significance of floor designing as they just believe that the base of any room is the surface with good work and pleasant design. After all, it’s part of your space. Floor designing is not a tricky task to do; it’s one of the most interesting parts of interior designing. Furthermore, with so many types of design, it has become much easier to select the materials, floor patterns, according to spaces,, room, and design ideas.

Flooring plays an enormously significant role in the look, feel and budget in both residential and commercial design. We use the latest technology and new flooring trends to develop flooring as per client’s choice


The colourful and gorgeous lighting in a home changes the mood of the household and they work in combination with colour selection, room size, accessibility of natural light and furniture selection.

You don’t need us to advise you that lamps and illumination are completely vital to the design of your gorgeous living room. It serves a double purpose: they can be elegant objects in themselves, and the light they make can establish the whole mood of the room. So, buying the right lamp   is our priority as we reckon that light is the key factor to great home lighting design


Many are the great interior designers who prefer customized over conventional furniture when it comes to furnishing their variety of projects. Furniture matters to interior designers similar to books to librarians. It’s vital because interior design is concerned with the plan of spaces and what makes the most of the space is furniture.  Whether it is finding inspirational ideas or letting your kids dabble in playful activities, we will design furniture in such a way that it will always give you a pleasant surprise.

Tea point/breakout areas      

Breakout areas have become vital elements in today’s offices and office breakout area design is made requests to meet a range of necessities and objectives. More often, breakout design are designed to facilitate a range of uses like to offer space for refreshment and relaxation, creating work activities and review projects and work away from computers for a while. Our designers provide ambience and perfect furniture and components for Tea point/breakout areas

Modular Kitchen

There are many elements that help in supporting and balancing our lives. These elements bring a rhythm to our comfortable lifestyle. The modular kitchen adds vitality and worth to those spaces in your home that is built keeping in mind the rhythm n your lavish lifestyle.

HVAC/air conditioning /plumbing

Interior designers today work intimately with other design and construction professionals to offer useful, sustainable, and strong buildings. They need to know the perspectives and admire the knowledge of other design professionals, whom they work with closely on all types of residential and commercial projects, new construction and refurbishing projects.

Our designers, electricians, plumbers are experienced professionals with real hands-on experience. They have the exclusive skill to plan and design your complete project – from the plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems to the fixing of the floor coverings.  From start to finish, your work will be done by our team ensure that your project is exactly as you want it to be.